DMX Lighting


DMX Lighting has become more and more in demand as a Mobile DJ. People want the concert effect for their private parties and their weddings. Make sure to understand the client’s expectations before getting to the venue and setting up.

What is DMX

When I first worked with lighting for production, it was in high school as an Assist Technical Director. And was, what does an Assistant Lighting Director do? Anything the Lighting Directors do not feel like doing. I don’t know which one it was, feeling that we as teenagers are invincible or plain stupidity. I don’t even remember the production itself, but I was the one without safety equipment or gear who climbed out over the gym roofing truss forty feet above the gym floor.

The goal of this venture was to climb out with a power cable and a spotlight and place it so it would cover center stage when it was time for it to snow, out to the middle of the beam, with the spotlight and the power cable around my waist.

I remember how everybody talked about how they got that spotlight out to the center and how cool it looked as if it was snowing. I held to myself and smiled. Ever since then, I have become hooked on lighting.

Most Mobile DJs do not think about lighting at all. The sound is the most important thing. But think of what would happen if you could break or stop the beam at the exact moment that the sound of the music did the same thing. Being able to stop and start the lights simultaneously with music would make you look like a professional person. People would be asking how did the DJ do that?

DMX means Multiplexing Data Transmission.

Think of DMX as a street with 512 addresses, and you would be able to send as many letters as you wanted to each of those addresses. But, of course, you tell it big the letter had to be or box. That, in a Nutshell, is DMX.

DMX allows you to string up to 512 lights on a single cable. Saving you tons of time and from having to string copper wire for all 512 lights. The fixers are Blue Tooth in the version, so you have any wiring in most cases. The limit to how far a Blue Tooth signal will travel is Thirty Feet.

Setting the mood of the dance floor of any venue will keep you in the spotlight for a very long time.

Staging for DMX

You get a call from a client who wants to sit down with you to discuss the client’s upcoming 50th birthday celebration. The clients want to talk about what song they would like for the festival and the mood they desire for the lighting. In the Ballroom, there will be the main table with e other tables around the room to form an open center floor for dancing. They turn to you and ask, “Is that something you can handle for us?”

Types of DMX Lights

DMX Wash Lights are used for your background, under your DJ table or Stand, and general lighting needs. You will see lights around the perimeter of a room at weddings. These can be fixed in place or moving head. 

You will never go wrong with a correctly placed static wash to light your dance floor. The innovation in moving wash lights & specifically their affordability, makes them an excellent choice for Mobile DJs around the globe. These fixtures now have an impressive zoom range, and they can re-focus on the fly with position pallets and use them as crowd blinders, even some with pixel effects, “aura” color zones they used to light your dance floor, or as fill. I have seen many Mobile DJ companies using moving wash lights as their wash package at events due to the wide range of venues and the need to re-position wash for different positions and areas of the dance floor.

DMX Par Lights, DMX Par light, you will most likely be on the Mobile BJ light bar behind or on either side of the DJ Console. The Pae light is excellent for creating a wash effect on the dance floor and a strobe effect.

DMX Spot Lights, Most every professional production makes some use of moving spots & profiles nowadays. These robust tried, and proper fixtures are a go-to choice for many lighting designers & professional installers and are a must-have for any top-tier Mobile DJ production. Advancements with LED light sources, 16-bit dimming, shutter framing, and gobo animation mean that some of these fixtures can create a wide variety of smooth or rigid looks and be used in various applications.

Lasers and Special Effects

What is a DMX laser? A digital multiplex (DMX) laser is a laser module controlled by the DMX512 communication protocol. DMX lasers are commonly used in laser light shows. The DMX512 protocol allows the lighting technician to accurately control the laser’s movements, which makes it possible to create elaborate laser effects.

Cool Spark Machine, What is a cold sparkler machine?”); display: inline-block; height: 24px; width: 24px; Cold Spark Blitzz FX Machine, also known as cool spark effects, or cold sparkler fountains, are safe to use. Spark machines emit a cold to the touch fountain of sparks that are not subject to catching fire. This device does not feature any pyrotechnics but instead offers a safe, simulated pyrotechnic experience.

 Fog Machine, A Fog Machines emit a dense mist that looks like fog is most commonly used for Mobile DJ applications, but smaller, more affordable fog machines are becoming standard for personal use.

Can fog machines be used inside? Yes, However, the fog will cover everything in your home, and your furniture, walls, and floors. So, be careful when using a fog machine; it might damage your carpet. Also, beware that some smoke detectors might go off due to sensitivity. 


The DMX system functions on low voltage, making it an energy-efficient option. A large number of light fixtures can be controlled using a laptop.

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